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Volume 1 Guidance for mangrove replanting: 1. Interspecific variations in responses of mangrove saplings to two contrasting salinities Abstract   PDF
L.P. Jayatissa, W.A.A.D.L. Wickramasinghe
Vol 8, No 1 (2017): Ruhuna J. Sci. Impact of climate variability on vegetable crops in Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria Abstract   PDF
Adeniyi Adedapo
Vol 5 (2014): Ruhuna Journal of Science In vitro regeneration of Hypochaeris radicata L. from sodium alginate-encapsulated synthetic seeds Abstract   RJS_v5_66
Jamuna Senguttuvan, Paulsamy Subramaniam
Volume 1 Inferencing design styles using Bayesian Networks Abstract   PDF
Aruna Lorensuhewa, Shlomo Geva, Binh Pham
Volume 1 Infestation of Ceratothripoides claratris (Shumsher) (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) on selected food crops in Thailand Abstract   PDF
W.T.S. Dammini Premachandra, Christian Borgemeister
Volume 1 Intra-specific morphological plasticity in three Puntius species in Sri Lanka Abstract   PDF
M.P.K.S.K. De Silva, S. Hettiarachi, N.P.P. Liyanage
Volume 2 Investigation of structure, dynamics and energetic of mixed transition metal clusters; AgnNi(13-n) for n ≤ 13 Abstract   PDF
Jinasena W. Hewage, Francois. G. Amar, Wijesing Liyanage Rupika
Volume 4 Investigation of the factors that influence on the distribution of mollusc, Faunus sp. (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Thiaridae) along the Lunuwila Ela, Galle. Abstract   PDF
H.M.V. Udayantha, D.H.N. Munasinghe
Vol 6, No 2 (2015): RJS 6 (2) List of Reviewers Abstract   List of Reviewers Vol 6: 1,2   List of Reviewers Vol 6: 1,2
Editor RJS
Vol 7, No 2 December (2016): Ruhuna Journal of Science List of Reviewers Details   PDF
K.B.S. Gunawickrama
Vol 5 (2014): Ruhuna Journal of Science List of reviewers- Ruhuna Journal of Science, Vol. 5 (2014) Abstract   RJS_v5_72
Editor Editor-RJS
Vol 6, No 1 (2015): Ruhuna Journal of Science List of Reviewers Vol 6-1 Abstract   List of Reviewers 6-1
Editor RJS
Volume 4 Microbial transformation of sesquitepenoid ketone, (+) Nootkatone by Macrophomia phaseolina Abstract   PDF
Vajira P. Bulugahapitiya
Volume 3 Modeling Asset Price Dynamics Abstract   PDF
P. K. C. Malmini Ranasinghe
Volume 2 Morphological heterogeneity and population differentiation in the green chromid Etroplus suratensis (Pisces: Cichlidae) in Sri Lanka Abstract   PDF
K. B. Suneetha Gunawickrama
Volume 4 Morphological variation of Puntius bimaculatus (Cyprinidae) with respect to altitudinal differences and five major river basins of Sri Lanka Abstract   PDF
N.P.P. Liyanage, M.P.K.S.K. De Silva
Volume 3 Morphometric and isozyme confirmation for species level divergence between Puntius dorsalis (Pisces: Cyprinidae) and its presumed red-fin variety in Sri Lanka Abstract   PDF
K. B. Suneetha Gunawickrama, H. G. B. N. Damayanthi
Volume 4 Numerical Solutions of Reaction-Diffusion systems with coupled diffusion terms Abstract   PDF
L.W. Somathilake
Vol 6, No 2 (2015): RJS 6 (2) Performance of Zn rechargeable cells having Polypyrrole cathodes doped with surfactant anion Abstract   PDF
W.A.D.S. S Weerasinghe, L.K. M. Madhushani, K P Vidanapathirana, K. S. Perera
Vol 8, No 1 (2017): Ruhuna J. Sci. Physical quality characters of cookies produced from composite blends of wheat and sweet potato flour Abstract   PDF
M.B.F. Jemziya, T. Mahendran
Volume 1 Preliminary study on cytotoxic compounds from the seeds of Nigella sativa L (Black cumin) Abstract   PDF
Vajira P. Bulugahapitiya, P.T. Kirinde Arachchige
Vol 5 (2014): Ruhuna Journal of Science Prelimnary phytochemical studies in the leaf, stem and root extracts of the traditional medicinal plant species, Thalictrum Javanicum Blume Abstract   RJS_v5_65
Abinaya Gurunathan, Paulsamy Subramaniam
Vol 7, No 1 (2016): Ruhuna Journal of Science, 7(1) Preparation and characterization of a Polyacrylonitrile based gel polymer electrolyte for redox capacitors Abstract   PDF
Malshani Bandaranayake, Sandaranghe Weerasinghe, Kamal Vidanapathirana, Kumudu Perera
Vol 6, No 2 (2015): RJS 6 (2) Record of Iridescent shark catfish Pangasianodon hypophthalmus Sauvage, 1878 (Siluriformes: Pangasiidae) from Madampa-Lake in Southwest Sri Lanka Abstract   PDF
Volume 2 Removal Mechanisms of Acid Dyes of Different Chemical Groups under Anaerobic Mixed Culture Abstract   PDF
S. Wijetunga, L. Xiufen, R. Wenquan, J. Chen
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